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Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment Tool

Where Are We?

Moving from talking to action by assessing your company readiness for Digital Transformation Readiness is a powerful approach to understand your company’s position regarding Digital Transformation by measuring where you are against seven aspects:  

  • Technology

  • Processes

  • Change Management

  • Assets

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Science

  • SMART products and Services

digital transformation readiness assessm

COVID-19 Digital Tools

During the time of coronavirus, Symbios Digital helps in creating an Employee Wellness Journey portal to help team leaders, and managers monitor and optimize their most critical assets, people. This is through digitalizing the journey before, during, and after work through digital tools to help monitor and optimize.

Digital Supply Chain Readiness

Advances in technologies makes managing supply chains easier. This assessment tool assess the maturity of digital supply chain, and provides guidance as to how to get to a more integrated digital supply chain. The tool covers digital supply chain planning, digital sourcing, smart manufacturing, consumer centric, digital demand planning, and finally digital logistics. Where are you now?

Industry 4.0 Readiness

Moving from talking to action by assessing your company readiness for Industry 4.0 is a powerful approach to understand your company’s position regarding Industry 4.0 by measuring where you are against Industry 4.0 six aspects: People Readiness, Processes, Technology, Data Capturing, SMART products, and Assets & Buildings.   

Government 4.0

Digitization of the government sector and disrupting current government systems is the future language. Our approach helps government and public sector departments to map an approach to be a successful player in the new government. 

Quality 4.0

Moving from inspection to prevention has been a challenge for many organizations over the last decade. Quality practices of prevention are more effective and less in cost. Quality 4.0 blends new technologies with traditional quality methods to arrive at new optimums in Operational Excellence. Business is changing and Quality 4.0 facilitates intelligent processing which is a key enabler for Industry 4.0. Our Quality 4.0 Readiness Tool Defines the capabilities your business has and what is needed to lead through Quality transformation.

Service 4.0

The future of services is much more than paperless services. New disruptive technologies and digitalization concepts such as big data, mobility, connectivity, mass customization, internet of Services, New Path to Purchase, Digital Value Train, Digital Services Platform and coopetition have created a major opportunity for service companies to make a leap forward in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, and an opportunity for service users to discover and benefit from new features, impossible to be delivered before this disruption. 

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