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Low Code no Code Automation

Microsoft Power Apps provides organizations with a low-code application development environment that you can use to build custom mobile- and web-based apps, even without the traditional coding skill. It has ready-made templates that you can connect to various data sources so you can build rich, custom business apps quickly, or you can create one from scratch and customize to suit your specific needs.

Microsoft Power Automate is a workflow automation tool that helps you optimize your business processes by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Like Power Apps, it has pre-built process automation templates that you can use to build and simplify workflows quickly.


LPWAN stands for low-power and wide-area network. There are several technologies and companies that fit within LPWAN, but for this guide we’ll discuss LoRa (Long Range) and Sigfox. LPWAN works well for use cases with low data demands, but also require very low power requirements. It’s common to find this technology implemented in battery powered devices that must last several years on a single battery. LPWAN’s low power characteristic allows sensors to be installed in smart environment and agricultural use cases where there is no access to power, which greatly reduces the cost of implementation.

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