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Knowledge-as-a Service (KaaS)

Knowledge-as-a Service (KaaS) is one of the forefront interdisciplinary subjects. KaaS is the integration of knowledge & services in which knowledge serves as a resource to be provided for consumers, to achieve the purposes of knowledge exchanging, knowledge sharing, task-based collaboration, problem solving, innovation and learning.

The shape of things to come ... Future KMS?

“X-as-a-Service” where X can be :

  • Community building

  • Crowdsourcing, Cloud sourcing

  • Crowdfunding, Cloud funding

  • Search

  • Analytics

  • Data & Information sourcing

  • Quality Assessment, benchmarking

  • Expertise Location

  • Referral, network building & expansion

  • Problem solving

  • Competition

  • Innovation Jam

  • Design

  • Testing

  • Sensing


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