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Digital twin prototype – DTP

DTP consists of the designs, analyses, and processes that realize a physical product. The DTP exists before there is a physical product so actually is NOT a digital twin. A Digital Twin Prototype is a great way to ease communication between product developers and end users from idea and design phase to commissioning and forms the backbone and platform for the Digital twin coupled to the physical entity through e.g., IoT and live sensor data.

Digital twin instance – DTI

DTI is the digital twin of each individual instance of the product once it is manufactured. “A DTI (created from the DTP) is the twin of a physical asset. The DTI stays linked to the physical asset through its lifecycle. The DTI, typically, contains data relating to in-use conditions as captured through the sensors, historical state, predicted state, asset and warranty information, service records, etc. While a DTI starts with the baseline information from its prototype, over the course of the lifecycle, the DTI gets enriched with operational data.”

Reference: Digital Twin Prototype. FORCE Technology. (n.d.). Retrieved November 3, 2022, from

Digital twin aggregate DTA

DTA is the aggregation of DTIs whose data and information can be used for interrogation about the physical product, prognostics, and learning. A DTA is an aggregate of many DTIs. The DTIs may be co-located within one entity (e.g., 100 motors in a single factory) or across entities (e.g., 100 motors across 25 factories). It is well-established a group behavior is not the sum of individual behavior. Likewise, in the future, DTAs might reveal unknown and unexpected insights.

Reference: Villa, V., & Chiaia, B. (1970, January 1). Digital Twin for Smart School Buildings: State of the art, Challenges, and opportunities. IGI Global. Retrieved November 3, 2022, from

Digital Twin Software Suppliers

  • Aveva

  • Honeywell

  • Infosys

  • Softwebsolutions

  • Bentely I twin

  • Arup Neuron

  • Azure

  • GE

  • Siemens NX

  • A site

  • Tia platform

  • Vidya

  • IBM

  • EPC

  • DC-E

  • Beamo

  • Haltian

  • Giraffe

  • Vertex

  • Digital twin studios

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