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Digital Twin - DT

A Digital Twin is a dynamic virtual copy of a physical asset, process, system, or environment that looks like and behaves identically to its real-world counterpart. A Digital Twin ingests data and replicates processes so you can predict possible performance outcomes and issues that the real-world product might undergo.

How does a Digital Twin work? The power of Digital Twin comes from connecting real world assets with real world data, so you can better visualize them. Digital Twins enable cross functional teams to collaboratively design, build, test, deploy and operate complex systems in interactive and immersive ways. They help companies understand the past, view present conditions, and prevent future problems. They inform decision making through sales and marketing insights, analysis, 3D visualization, simulation, and prediction. - Digital twins are commonly divided into subtypes that sometimes include:

 digital twin prototype (DTP), digital twin instance (DTI), and digital twin aggregate (DTA).

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