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Digital Thread 

The digital thread concept seamlessly integrates information through the value chain from requirements gathering through feasibility reviews, design, manufacturing, testing, and on to final sustainment and disposal phases.

This means specialists, throughout the process, can work on the product, and process definitions simultaneously to inform decisions, through the life of a system or product.

Digital Thread can be applied as of product design

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Digital Thread is a data-driven architecture that links together information generated from across the product lifecycle. Though Digital Thread is gaining traction as a digital communication framework to streamline design, manufacturing, and operational processes to more efficiently design, build and maintain engineering products, a principled mathematical formulation describing the way Digital Thread can be used for critical design decisions remains absent.” 1 Victor Singh and Karen E. Willcox; MIT

What are the business benefits of a digital thread?

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Data from digital threads helps organizations more quickly improve existing products and develop innovative offerings. This data can reduce cost and improve quality of customer support and compliance, as well as enable the sale of such data—or intelligence derived from it—to customers, suppliers, and partners. Finally, digital threads can boost an organization’s brand by proving its products are responsibly sourced”

Reference: Past events. College of Science and Engineering. (n.d.). Retrieved November 3, 2022,


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